Album 7:
On Thin Ice

As the snow falls in Odyssey, the town enters a season of peace and quiet—NOT! Whit's grandchildren stop in for a very disquieting holiday visit. The Barclays entertain some unexpected and mysterious Christmas guests. But in the midst of these challenges, friends in Odyssey learn priceless lessons about bravery, compassion and a whole lot more.

Episodes Included
Bonus Features
  • The story of writer Campbell Freed
  • Bloopers from the studio
  • Behind-the-scenes color booklet
Album Notes

On Thin Ice was originally titled Courageous Characters, Fabulous Friends. One Bad Apple, a pivotal episode in the Blackgaard Saga, has been placed into this album, along with Thanksgiving At Home. That makes fourteen complete episodes along with the episodes that were originally released in this collection.

It is interesting to note that this is the first collection to be named by an Adventures in Odyssey fan. A contest was held and listeners were encouraged to submit potential names for the album. From there, the fans collectively voted On Thin Ice as the winner.

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