Album 61:
Without a Hitch

Adventures in Odyssey is approaching its 30th anniversary of entertaining families with enthralling storylines that teach biblical values disguised in humor. Young and old alike will be delighted to meet all the characters of Odyssey and follow them on their adventures.

In this Adventures in Odyssey volume, wedding bells are finally ringing for Penny Wise and Wooton Bassett, but the journey to the altar takes several unexpected side roads. Meanwhile, the Jones and Parker Detective Agency faces its most perplexing case yet, Olivia and Matthew compete against each other for student body president, and Whit finds himself in the middle of a feud between two warring clans. Celebrate marriage, family, and friends in Odyssey with this hilarious six-episode collection!


Episodes Included
  • Bonus insert
  • Behind-the-scenes of A Very Bassett Wedding
Bonus Features (audio download)
  • Digital Booklet
  • Behind-the-scenes of A Very Bassett Wedding
Album Notes

Album 61 continues a change in format for Adventures in Odyssey albums starting with Album 59. Without a Hitch includes six episodes on 2 CDs as opposed to the usual 12 released per album in the past.

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