Album 51:
Take It from the Top

New friends, new inventions, and exciting adventures abound as we Take It from the Top. Whit's new Inspiration Station causes Connie to start acting very strangely . . . even staying in the invention all night! The Jones and Parker Detective Agency solves their first case, and it involves a video game, a lawnmower, and some neglected chores. Meanwhile, Eugene has a series of bird encounters that cause him to do something . . . well, unthinkable. Don't miss the start of a brand-new era in Adventures in Odyssey.


Episodes Included
  • The music of "The Jubilee Singers"
  • Bonus song "The Gospel Train"
  • Outtakes and deleted scene
  • Limited edition Full-Color Poster

Listen to a radio spot produced for the release of Album 51.


  • See a special behind-the-scenes look at Take It from the Top.
  • Watch a special "Ask the Writers" segment.


Album Notes

Take It from the Top introduces the red AIO logo created specifically for albums 51 and up.

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