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Product F.A.Q.

Beginning your journey through Adventures in Odyssey can be a daunting task. It all depends on whether or not you want to collect the entire series.

Our Recommendation
If you plan on collecting the whole series, we recommend you start at the beginning with the very first collection, The Adventure Begins. This collection, along with the albums following, establishes the floor plan of the show, introduces the town's characters, and immerses you into what the show is all about.

Of course, many fans receive Odyssey albums as gifts or begin collecting the series out of order. Either way works since Adventures in Odyssey is about character development and maintains an overall consistency. Starting chronologically or at random is a fun and worthwhile process. The series gets better and better as it unfolds, and the sound design and music improve with it as well.

If you don't plan on collecting the entire series and would like to get a feel for what the series is about, some special collections are also available. Each collection contains previously released episodes, so if you decide to collect the series in chronological order later, you may discover a lot of repeats.

  • Discovering Odyssey
    Created for new beginners, this collection introduces Odyssey's main characters, the setting, and much more.

  • Encore Collection
    The Encore Collection features some of Odyssey's best episodes from the 80's, 90's and 00's. Provides a great overview of the various episode genres.

  • Platinum Collection
    The Platinum Collection showcases episodes from AIO's first 20 years. Provides a great overview of the various episode genres.

  • For God and Country
    This collection features episodes from American history, highlighting yet another of AIO's many episode genres.

  • The Blackgaard Chronicles
    One of Adventures in Odyssey's most popular sagas ever is available in its own CD package.

  • Novacom Saga
    Of course, AIO has created a collection of its longest-running story arc. The Novacom Saga is filled with action-adventure, mystery, and unexpected twists. This series was the most talked about and anticipated from week to week when it originally aired.

  • Bible Eyewitness Collector's Set and Bible Eyewitness: Hall of Faith
    Both Bible-themed collections contain a large majority of episodes dealing with the Bible.

You can also visit our Episodes section and view genres of episodes by category, get episode summaries, and learn more about the collections that way.

Fans' Top Three Recommended Albums
Album 10: Other Times, Other Places
Album 21: Wish You Were Here!
Album 31: Days to Remember


The Focus on the Family Store offers high-quality audio downloads of every album and episode. Visit the Family Store and search by album title or episode title. CDs of individual episodes are currently not available. Or find the episode you're looking for in our Episodes section and click on "Purchase mp3."

Adventures in Odyssey
albums have never looked the same throughout the years. By releasing albums again with a fresh design and new artwork, fans can enjoy a more consistent look to the series in their collections. Please refer to our detailed Repack Schedule for more information.


 Why is the Gold Audio Series being replaced?

As you may or may not know, albums 1-15 are currently called The Gold Audio Series. They were put together during a time when everyone was catching on to the Digital Age and upgrading their products with cool titles like "digitally remastered." AIO released albums 1-15 as the Gold Audio Series when they phased out cassette releases for the show. However, now that we've all been drifting through the Digital Age for a while now, it's time to switch things up even more. Focus is planning to repack the Gold Audio Series albums with the typical arches and rays layout that we've become so familiar with in all the repacks. The illustration will remain the same, but the arches and layout will be changed. It's all part of an effort to create a more consistent look for the series.

That's right. The Gold Audio Series is way out the door. It served its purpose during a time when companies were getting up with the industry standard. Be watching in the days ahead for upcoming images of these releases. Please refer to our detailed Repack Schedule for more information.



 Where can I find a copy of the album repack schedule?

You can find a tentative release schedule for all upcoming album repacks here, also linked from our Albums page.



 Why does AIO have a new logo?

The Adventures in Odyssey has changed periodically since the show began. The Odyssey team refined the existing logo for better readability and a more vibrant look. The logo on albums 1-50 will remain and the new logo will be featured on albums 51+. Click here to read more about the Odyssey logo.



 What if I can't find a product I'm looking for?


Make sure to check what is available in our current product listings. If you are unable to locate a product, you might want to check our product Quarantine section. We have archives of Adventures in Odyssey resources that are out of print. It contains products from Odyssey's early days!


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