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Review by Connie's Jogging Suit



Very well told! This is an episode that no one would want to miss a second of it! It is an episode that most youngsters could handle, even though they warn parents that they should listen too. It was kind of sad, even more tragic if Karen would have been a main character. Karen was such a wonderful girl. I like the part when she said at the fall festival, "I was going to dance, but I forgot my dancing shoes" as a cover up for her having her leg removed. If you want to hear more of Donna reaction to her dead friend, listen to "The Very Best Of Friends". Sorry if it's not the best review. It's my first review. See ya.



Review by MEG Gaither



The episode "Karen" is a wonderful way to show what truly is going on all around us: the death of loved ones. Every listener's heart will go out to the friends and family members of Karen, a young girl who has a bout with cancer. The faith that Karen displays through her illness is both amazing and encouraging to others. Though rather poignant, this episode is masterfully written and is highly recommended.



Review by MEG Gaither



This one makes me cry every time! Karen's faith is so touching and the hope she has gives me the chills (the good kind). It's really sad if you don't believe in Jesus, but if you do then it's really inspiring.



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