The Ceiling Fan: “Permission Impossible”

By | September 21, 2012

Fans of the popular fan podcast The Ceiling Fan will be pleased to discover that the show’s fourth season is back in full swing. Building off of what began in Season 3, Season 4 continues an ever-expanding and intriguing storyline. The team of creative writers and producers for The Ceiling Fan Podcast are always thinking of ways to inspire their listeners.

If you missed Season 3 or even prior seasons, now is a great time to catch up on the show’s growing library of podcasts. We recommend you start listening from the beginning as episodes build off of one another and develops the show’s characters. Of course, we also recommend the M’kalister Park album which was released in 2011 to complement Season 3. It’s geared for the podcast’s fans and Adventures in Odyssey fans in general. Available via iTunes and Amazon, this album features catchy tunes… and we’re not kidding.

Learn more about The Ceiling Fan Podcast here.

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